On our website we want to show you what motivates and drives us...

  • Traffic Safety
    Provinces and Municipalities
  • Sustainable Traffic Safety is based on principles. The principles concern the functionality of roads, recognition and predictability of roads and behavior.

    We help provinces and municipalities in achieving attention and predictability of roads and driving behavior through active tags and non-electric lighting concepts.
  • Life Style
    Architecture and Real Estate
  • Sustainability does not mean you have to live dull or stingy.

    The BMW Group has demonstrated leadership and opts for a 'Sustainable Lifestyle' that goes beyond bringing a stunning policy statement and durability in actual practice.

    We developed new optically active materials with beautiful effects in architecture.


So we inspire end-users to take a more proactive stance in the selection and application of smart materials...

Our Services and Products

Luminous Bike Paths

Design and application of high-end "glow in the dark" / photo-luminescent cycle paths that are attractive, easy to use and affordable. Beautiful, better, smarter, more sustainable and safer. FloWithDGLow. ™

Color for Technology

Development and application of colour changing / chromogenic materials. Playing with the interaction between the surface color, material properties of objects and the perception of light and color.

Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting in which energy from external sources, such as pressure, light, or radio radiation is collected and retained for small wireless autonomous devices (sensors).

Our Work

FlowithDglow Provinciale weg Annex Fietspad Ermelo | Harderwijk

Provincial car road versus Cycle Path

Ermelo | Harderwijk
Contouren BMW i-Spot

Outlines BMW i-Spot

Prototyping with photochromic and photoluminescent materials
FlowithDglow Provinciale weg Annex Fietspad Ermelo | Harderwijk

Provincial car road versus cycle path

Ermelo | Harderwijk
BMW i-Spot Prototyping

BMW i-Spot Prototyping

Protyping "Skin" Showroom
FlowithDglow Provinciale weg Annex Fietspad Wageningen e.o.

Glow in the Dark / Wageningen e.o.

Cycle Path
BMW i-Spot Drawing

BMW i-Spot Drawing

Mies Architectuur BMW Amsterdam
FlowithDglow Provinciale weg Annex Fietspad Winterswijk

Glow in The Dark Bridge | Winterswijk

Cycle Path | Provincial Road
FlowithDglow Provinciale weg Annex Fietspad Wageningen e.o.

Glow in the Dark / Wageningen e.o.

Cycle Path

About Us

SENLIMA connects technology with material knowledge, skills, abilities and end-users.
Professional, committed, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.




Senlima BV was established as a subsidiary and consulting firm.

Start with bio-composites and street furniture in the last quarter of the year.

Start-up of a manufacturing company with smart materials.

The BMW Group became the first customer, based on design of Mies Architecture for the BMW flagship store Amsterdam(i-Spot).

Product development collaboration with Volker Wessels. Launch of FloWithDGlow with Smits Neuchatel Infrastructure as a "glow in the dark" concept for cycle paths and non-electric off-grid applications.

The first three projects in the province of Gelderland successfully completed with follow-up orders.

Continuing innovation activities and development of FloWithDGlow. Awarded with PlanetFit label.

Publications in local (Tubantia) and national press (Cobouw, Financieel Dagblad).


We are convinced that an outside-in approach leads to better insights and smarter results in collaboration. With the right mix of partners, ambitions and values we achieve objectives that are quickly established and sound per project.

This requires a lot of self-reliance, investment and confidence in ourselves and each other to get the job done together. Everyone who is part of it, embraces these values as a leitmotif. Thus we achieve a more rapid development and renewal.

Latest News

Angelo Schouten - founder and director Senlima BV

We can look back on a successful introduction of FloWithDGlow. Not just another "glow in the dark" application, it shows. With the latest developments in Q3 2015 FloWithDGlow is thinner, even more luminous (> 12 hours) and easily attachable.

With beautiful projects in the pipeline, we also see demand come from outside the Netherlands. Whether this foreign demand will be sustained, will evolve the coming period.

In any case, we look to launch other uses as well, where we stress more self-reliancy and information technology...