Onze Diensten en Producten

Innovative and Sustainable Materials.

Shortly about the Projects Highlights. BMW consequently complies with the principles of sustainability, integrating not only economical, but also ecological and social factors into all decisions and processes. Exploring new smart light-weight materials in exterior design was executed as a joint effort with BMW Amsterdam to substantiate the proposition of sustainability and integrate it in to daily business life.

New construction headquarters BMW Amsterdam

BMW i-Spot. At a flagship store location along the A10 in Amsterdam, BMW has a new building designed by Mies Architecture built with 24,000 m2 of showroom, offices and parking. Mies Architecture’s design includes a square building concept which is fringed with guardrail. This building consists of three solitary designed volumes, one for BMW, one for MINI and one for the new electric automotive concept, the BMW i-spot. BMW i-spot is a world premiere.

Senlima has been commissioned to do a feasibility study to the outer coating of the BMW i-spot showroom with smart and durable UV-responsive materials as a means to increase customer interaction.

Feasibility Study & Prototyping

Customer interaction.The project focused on smart innovation, aesthetics and user interaction, concentrated on persistent photo-luminescence, durable photo-chromic materials and composites.

Additionally Senlima has been commissioned to produce a prototype (pilot). In this project, BMW has chosen the colour RAL 9010 in daylight and BMW blue at night.

The work included the research, conceptualization, feasibility assessment, the establishment of objectives and criteria. The prototyping embraced the synthesis, analysis, construction, testing and evaluation. For the production of the prototype, VABO Composites participated.